Our History


  • SOLAR FLUX was developed prior to World War II.
  • The Solar Aircraft Company, San Diego, California, was manufacturing stainless steel exhaust manifolds for U.S. Navy aircraft engines and encountered welding problems.
  • Solar Flux Type B was developed, and it solved the problems.
  • During WWII, SOLAR FLUX was a closely guarded military secret.
  • After the war, patents were obtained and SOLAR FLUX was marketed internationally.
  • In 1973, the Solar Company sold the Flux Division to Golden Empire Corporation, Los Angeles, California.


  • Today, both types of SOLAR FLUX are manufactured continually in Golden Empire’s plant in Morehead City, North Carolina.
  • SOLAR FLUX is presently available both directly from the factory and from welding supply distributors throughout the world.


  • What goes around, comes around. When the green flag drops at the Indy 500, SOLAR FLUX is in the Welding Garage just in case any stainless steel components, especially exhaust manifolds, need welding.