Answers to FAQ’s are listed below:

– Methanol: How to obtain small quantities

Methanol/methyl alcohol is readily available in auto parts and accessory departments and stores. It is sold as ‘gas line anti-freeze’ and is commonly packaged in 12 oz. plastic bottles.

Some brands are 100% pure methanol and MAY BE USED for mixing with SOLAR FLUX. The labels on these brands will say something like: “contains methanol” or “contains methyl alcohol CAS. 67-56-1”.

Other brands may contain one or more additional chemicals and CANNOT BE USED. Read the label carefully! If ANY chemical, other than methanol/methyl alcohol – CAS. 67-56-1, is mentioned, DO NOT USE IT.

– MSDS downloadable files

Please click on “Safety Data” in the menu at left. This will take you to downloadable PDF files for the USA, Canada and the European Union.

– Residue Notes

The thin glass-like residue is chemically inert after welding and adheres tenaciously to the base metal. While this residue is unattractive to the eye, it does not affect the quality of the weld and usually need not be removed. However, if removal is desired, it is easily accomplished with a stainless steel wheel, stainless steel brush or common pickling compounds. Our research indicates that ‘Wonder Gel’, manufactured by Bradford DeRustIt Company, is excellent.

(Note: there are some pipe or tube welding applications where absolute purity and a polished inside surface are required. These include food or beverage lines where subsequent product refining will not take place, medical oxygen lines, computer chip manufacturing air lines, and high service temperature (above 1000°F) steam lines. In these situations we recommend purging instead of SOLAR FLUX so as to avoid a difficult chemical cleaning process.)

– Distributer Information

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– Contact Information

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